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An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-enabled, big data-driven automatic crop disease diagnosis tool for precision farming

This project will develop an ICT-based novel automated approach for accurate and timely diagnosis of crop disease and severity assessment based on large-scale images taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and smartphones in real fields and provide a feasibility study of using UAVs as a farming tool for disease control and management. We will initially focus on BLB in Malaysia rice production

The team

Prof. Liangxiu Han
Dr. Xin Zhang
Tam Sobeith
Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr. Muhamad Shakirin Mispan
Prof. Zulqarnain Mohamed
Dr. Chee Sun Liew
Dr. Tan Fong Ang
Muhammad Nazri Ishak
Chang Jit Kang
Ng Kheng Ghee
April Pyone Maung Maung
Eugene Goh Wen Jun
University of Malaya


Liangxiu Han (
Muhamad Shakirin Mispan (