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Project Meeting with Industry Collaborators

Today we held a meeting to demonstrate the current progress of the project with representatives from numerous industry partners. The goal was to determine how successfully our solution was in solving the issue of Bacterial Leaf Blight detection in rice fields and to discuss ways of improving it to meet the needs of different end users.

The discussion went well with great interest on behalf of the industry partners and excellent feedback to further develop and refine the project.

Field Test in Malaysia

During a visit to a rice paddy we used our mobile application to automatically survey the field. The literal field test was a great success, our application connected to the Phantom 4 Pro drone without issue, generated a flight path and uploaded it to the drone. The drone was then able to photograph the entire field without any user input. Afterwards the photos were downloaded to the mobile device before being analysed by out disease segmentation model.

We gathered some useful data about improvements to the system and the mobile application while demonstrating the ability to easily control the drone without direct user intervention.

Workshop Presentation

Professor Liangxiu Han gave a presentation, “Precision Agriculture – A Big Data Driven Approach to Crop Disease Detection”, at the Third International Workshop on “Precision Agriculture: Data Driven Approach to Crop Monitoring and Disease Diagnosis”, held in Beijing, China, 25th – 27th September 2019

Our drone flying for the first time

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro has finally arrived on the 21st September !!!
Shakirin tested out the drone in the campus

Face-to-face meeting in UM

We had a very successful and productive face-to face meeting, which was held in University of Malaya from 10 to 14 September 2018. During the meeting, we had discussed the project progress/achievements made so far, identified challenges and problems to execute the project, and most importantly developed an even closer relationship and understanding between two teams from different countries.

Field trip to Sekinchan

The project team from both countries also conducted a field trip to the rice field in Sekinchan in Malaysia, which provided both UK and Malaysia teams a better understanding on how to develop a practical system for better crop disease management and control.

Shakirin is explaining the weed problem identified at this plot

Dissemination of research

Professor Liangxiu Han gave a presentation at the second International Workshop on Precision Agriculture: Data-Driven Approach to Crop Monitoring and Disease Diagnosis