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The Applications and Trends of Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Our very own Professor Langxiu Han has been asked to serve as a guest Editor for the Special Issue of Frontiers in Remote Sensing

The development of Remote Sensing (RS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques has drawn increasing interest and started a novel area of research applications in crop monitoring. RS imageries provide wide-source and real-time data for growth condition monitoring, pests, and diseases detection, etc., which are followed by the usage of AI for effective and efficient data mining to obtain new, insightful information to support practical guidance and further applications. Combining the advantages of RS and AI, automatic and fast processing and modeling of crop growth applications can be achieved. To build an RS-AI system for solving complex problems, researchers will comprehensively complete tasks from data acquisition to model construction, and achievements in any tasks will promote the development of RS-AI in crop monitoring.

If you are interested in submitting a paper or interested in more information please visit the website at the link below:

Abstract Submission Deadline 11 March 2023
Manuscript Submission Deadline 09 July 2023


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