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Pests and Diseases Monitoring and Forecasting Algorithms, Technologies, and Applications

Our very own Professor Langxiu Han has been asked to serve as a guest Editor for the Special Issue of Frontiers in Remote Sensing

Plant pests and diseases cause an annual average of 40% global food failure addressed by FAO and more than 100 billion dollars in loss of forest and grass resources. Scientific prevention and control of pests and diseases in agriculture, forestry and grass is important to ensure food security, ecological and environmental safety, etc. At present, the accuracy of individual identification of agricultural, forestry and grass pests and diseases are low, making it difficult to achieve accurate outpost warning, occurrence environment monitoring and multiple pest and disease type differentiation, resulting in the inability to achieve early detection and control of pests and diseases. With the rapid development of remote sensing, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies, information technology has been widely used in agriculture, forestry and grass pest and disease precision monitoring and forecasting. Digital precision monitoring and forecasting of major pests and diseases have become a major development trend in the agriculture, forestry, and grass industry.

If you are interested in submitting a paper or interested in more information please visit the website at the link below:

Abstract Submission Deadline 30 April 2023
Manuscript Submission Deadline 15 August 2023


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