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System Demonstration

Our solution has adapted and advanced with our research on this project while remaining firmly focused on the benefits we can provide to end users.

We have created a system to provide farmers with precise information about the state of their fields utilising artificial intelligence and drone technology. Based upon feedback from our partners that the drone surveys would need to be provided as a service to the farmers we have created two seperate mobile applications: one for the farmers to enter and recieve information about their fields and another for a company offering drone surveys to the farmer.

In our system the farmer can order a survey (either indepnedently or based our a recommendation from the system) which is then picked up by an associated third-party service provider. This provider utilises our second application to receive information on all the surveys required and completed by the company. It then provides navigation to the field location and provides automated control of the drone to survey the field, without intensive training. The results are processed on the mobile device showing an immmediate overlay of the troubled areas and once uploaded to our cloud server, the same results are distributed to the farmer

The video below shows our mobile applications in action with the navigation and scouting displayed at an increaded speed for brevity

Mobile applications in action
(some sections speeded up for brevity)
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